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Jobs in India and how to get them

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and has become a nation with numerous Jobs for various fresher that are coming in at a very fast pace each year. With the mushroom growth of engineering colleges, almost everyone is taking the option of engineering courses and hence there is a continuous increase in the number of engineers each year. Now the real problem lies that what can a person does to get a job when the jobs are limited and the competition is ruthless.

Apart from the competition, there is also a lack of knowledge about the companies who are seeking the Recruitment and public sectors where people can get a job. Most people who are from villages do not know much about the booms in the IT sector and due to this, they do not apply to these companies and only opt for Government Sector Jobs.

Now one should be clear that seats in government sectors are really limited and people should see various opportunities other than the government ones. The villagers, who have come to the city just for the purpose of graduation, must understand the level of competition they will have to face in the future and should consult their friends about different Jobs in India in both sectors including government and Private Sector jobs.

Ways of getting jobs

After having understood some basics About Indian Jobs and the immense competition in obtaining them, one must also know how he can get himself employed. Of course, this is true that there is immense completion, but another truth is that there are still a handful of Job Vacancies in the country. Students who are pursuing B tech or any other such course just do not pay much attention to them.

Each company has its website which it periodically keeps on updating about the latest vacancies in the company people can go to these websites and get their Curriculum Vitae uploaded and based on it, whenever there would be any vacancy, which would fit the profile the person then would be sent an e-mail by company.

Another way could be that the person might directly visit the office of the company and talk to the Human Resource Manager about any job vacancy and if there might be any, he could give a Walk In interview and get selected based on that interview solely. Another popular means of getting a job in the company is by the means of some friends or relatives who are already working in the company. One can get a favorable reference from him in getting a job.

Various websites can help.

Apart from such means of getting jobs, one can definitely take the help of various websites such as Uptojobs, Times jobs, monster India, drug jobs, freshers world, etc. These websites are nothing but a type of search engine that keeps performing Job Searches in different companies and based on the CV of the applicant; provide them the opportunities to attend the direct walk-in interview of those companies. Hence if a person wishes to get Employment he should be updated about all the new upcoming vacancies and take the help of various websites.

For more info on Jobs in India, About Indian Jobs and Job Vacancies. Visit the site:

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A stepwise guide to posting free classifieds on site

When it comes to promoting anything digitally, classified ads are the best way. Most people prefer using the best sites that allow posting classifieds for free. Before posting, you must focus on using only the best sites for free classifieds. A good site will help you to get the best and quick results for your ads. If you are confused about how to post free classifieds on-site then this guide is just for you. 


But before that, we must understand these sites are useful for posting classifieds in many aspects. This is not only a cost-effective way of promotion but also generates huge web traffic. Your classifieds will be on the website 24 hours a which increases its visibility to the viewers. In addition to this, these sites let you promote your products by posting classifieds free of cost. 


Here you will get to know what points to focus on while posting a classified on the site.

Look for a site where you don’t need to register

If you’re looking for a site to post your ads and classifieds free then make sure to choose one that doesn’t need registration. There are times when the registration process requires ample time. Most people choose a site to post free classifieds to save their time and effort. So, there is the availability of a lot of sites where you can post free classifieds ads but they require registration.


It would be better to go for a site where you can post the classifieds for free without the registration process. If there will be registration process then you’ll have to spend a lot of time on the verification, checking emails, and so on. This is only going to add more emails and waste a lot of time of yours. So, it’s always better to look for a site where you don’t have to do the registration.

Check the site’s guidelines

It’s a good thing that various websites let you post classifieds for free. But, they all come up with certain rules and guidelines. Thus, you need to be aware of those guidelines before you post anything on it.

Most of the websites will show up proper step-by-step guidelines to post an ad. This makes the classified posting process easier and quicker. But, make sure to check all the guidelines beforehand to prevent any sort of halt. Be it choosing the right size of the image to charge for the classifieds, clear all these things.

Focus on the word limit of the classifieds

For posting a free classified on the site, there’s a word limit restriction that you need to follow. Therefore, you must post the classified within the limit but creatively. The readers or visitors of the site prefer reading the main benefits and features of the listing. So, it’s advised to highlight the main part of the classified to attract the readers. Adding a call-to-action feature to the main heading of the classified is also useful in attracting readers.

The list under a relevant product category

If you’ve to post a free ad on the site then make sure to choose a relevant product category. Posting your ad is an irrelevant category of products that is not going to show you any benefits. According to the experts, posting the same ad on different categories will only make the readers or site visitors confused.

Before you post a classified for free, choose a category for it. The selection of appropriate categories will also help visitors to search for related products and services with ease. In addition to this, you can also keep the title of the classified according to the content and category.

Describe your product/service well

A classified ad that you’re posting on the site must be well-explained. Within the word limit, describe creatively the product or service so that viewers can relate well. For this, you need to provide a description that describes all the features, specifications, benefits, and offers. The relevant information related to the classified posting will help the viewers in knowing more about the products. To make your classifieds engaging, try to provide all the crucial details.

To sum up


From the above, it’s clear that these mentioned steps will help you in posting free classifieds on the sites with ease. Right from providing product details to choosing relevant product categories, you must focus on all these steps while posting an ad. However, one must find the best free classified ads posting the ads and classifieds where you don’t need to register or pay for anything.

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Everything About the need for Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact center software is a type of customer service software that is hosted on a cloud-based platform, rather than being installed on a company's own servers. This allows businesses to access the software from anywhere with an internet connection and eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware. Cloud contact center software typically includes features such as call routing, automated call distribution, and call reporting, and can integrate with other business systems such as CRM software. Some popular examples include Zendesk Talk, Five9, and Dialpad.


Cloud contact centers offer several benefits, including:


Scalability:  Cloud contact centers can easily scale up or down to meet changing business needs.

Cost-effectiveness:  Cloud contact centers require no upfront investment in hardware or software, and operating costs are often lower than traditional on-premises contact centers.

Flexibility:  Cloud contact centers can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, allowing for remote work and increased flexibility for employees.

Automation: Cloud contact centers often come with built-in automation tools, such as IVR and automatic call distribution, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Integration: Cloud contact centers can easily integrate with other business systems, such as CRM and helpdesk software, to provide a more seamless customer experience.

High availability: Cloud contact centers are maintained and managed by vendors, which ensures high availability and disaster recovery options


Is Ascent bpo fake or real?

Ascent BPO is a growing organization that has made a reckoned potion in the market. In both domestic and global industries, the company has gained an appreciable number of clients by offering its impeccable outsourcing services. Along with 100% client satisfaction, this firm focuses on professionalism and maintaining the privacy of the client’s data. Because of years of experience, Ascent BPO has served many business verticals including finance, healthcare, insurance, real estate, e-commerce, and more.


At Ascent BPO, there’s a team of competent professionals that are having immense years of experience and expertise in their respective areas. Some of the services that are rendered by this company include-


  1. Data Entry Projects
  2. Data Entry Services
  3. BPO Services
  4. call center services
  5. Transcription service
  6. Software development and many more

Their work domain includes outsourcing offline and online data entry projects. It also includes web research, digital marketing, data processing, and data conversion.

The spokesperson of the Ascent BPO addressed many audiences and introduced the company’s services to the people. They were also asked whether Ascent bpo fake or real. The company spokesperson answered its customers about authenticity and reliability.

Is Ascent bpo fake or real?

On the internet, this is one of the most popular questions that has been asked by many people. Ascent BPO is perfectly managing its services and delivering them on time to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Right from bulk data processing and managing call center projects, this company is doing everything perfectly.

Since its inception, the company has been providing customers with numerous professional telemarketing services. With the reliability that this company offers, there is no way to address them as fake. Its team of professionals gives its best in delivering high-quality services with affordability.


Why is there’s a rumor that whether Ascent bpo is fake or real?

Some competitors who are not having sportsmanship spread this kind of rumor on the internet. This is just a fake rumor that is spread to degrade the company’s reputation.


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Prime benefits of outsourcing BPO data entry projects

Data is one of the most important aspects of any organization. The success of any organization heavily depends on how well it manages its data. Data is not only to keep the record of all that is happening in the organization but also ensures the confidentiality and privacy of the important information. Those who are interested to outsource their BPO data entry projects will surely find this read helpful.

Here we have mentioned the prime advantages of outsourcing the data entry projects. See, there is no doubt to say that BPO data entry is essential and must be carefully done in any organization. But sometimes, you can’t use your valuable human resource just to the entry of the data. They can do more productive work. Now the question comes that that will do the data entry.

To resolve this problem of the businessmen and to help them most professionally, various companies provide the outsourcing of the data entry work. One can take their help. Now move on to the advantages of outsourcing the BPO data entry project :

  • It helps to reduce the cost of operation on the company that avails the outsourcing work
  • Save time and reduce errors in the entry because professional people do the entry of the data very carefully
  • Outsourcing of the data has other advantages i.e. this will help in increasing the efficiency of human resource
  • It helps the owner to focus on more relevant things for the success of the organization
  • Not much tension about the data entry process because outsourcing is the best solution and only relevant information will be stored
  • Also, professional outsourcing companies store the information in a systematic manner with is easy to access

Want to start your own data entry business?

Do you want to start your own data entry companyDon’t want to invest much in your business? If yes then place your bidding with us along with your samples. Here’s how you can get started with your own business of data entry.

Because of the digitalization of every data in different companies and organizations, the data entry business has gained high popularity in the past few years. Thus, there is enough work for you for data entry. Right from corporate houses to small companies, everyone wants their data to be maintained and stored appropriately.

Data Entry business serves those organizations that want to outsource the work for maintaining their data digitally. If you are skilled enough and have good typing speed on the system then you can go for this business. Initially, the typing speed can be slow but it needs to be improved gradually.

Requirements for data entry business-

If you want to own a data entry business then you must fulfill these requirements-

  • Computer knowledge is a must for everyone
  • Software knowledge and IT skill is also required
  • Should have good typing Speed
  • Must have typing Accuracy on different digital platform
  • The ability of meeting deadlines
  • Good reading and interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Must be able to manage a team of freelancers and data entry operators.

Lead generation services

Today, business owners face a lot of challenges in the ways to market their brands and promote business. With marketing, they want to get increased returns. There is an endless option for marketing your products and services. When it comes to business promotion, one of the effective services that you can implement is lead generation. This helps you to generate more leads with the online lead generation campaign and increase the conversion rate for your business. In case sales lead generation is not the core business then you must consider outsourcing the lead generation services from the experts.

Importance of lead generation services for your business

A business owner always wants to grow your business and increase sales. If the business owner will implement the lead generation service then it will be beneficial for you in multiple ways. Let’s get an insight into lead generation in a detailed manner.

Lead generation is a way with which your business will expand by getting exposure to many audiences and gaining new customers. Generating leads means new customers which are sometimes difficult for a business to get. For achieving better results and generating leads, one must connect with online lead generation companies. Through revenue tracking and calls, your business can attract more website traffic and convert them into valuable leads and revenue. The expert can help your organization to create more valuable leads and then convert them into better sales opportunities. Based on your lead generation requirements we can provide you with a customized solution that would address your needs.

Benefits to your business from increased leads:

  • The business gets an opportunity to choose a geographical location to grow and expand as per the traffic.
  • This service helps in engaging and targeting the audience
  • Useful for controlling the number of leads a business is receiving per month

How lead generation process is implemented?

  • Experts that are well aware of lead generation mainly go through the well-researched techniques for the client’s business. 
  • The lead generation experts will first identify the business objectives of your company.
  • After making an analysis, they will then create an effective strategy.
  • For this, they develop a focused document on optimizing client’s business
  • After this, the team of lead generation will select the suitable lead generation process so that it can maximize your revenue by reducing your costs.
  • In the form of B2B lead generation, this method is implemented and executed.
  • Finally, an analysis will be made to get a clear insight into the B2B lead generation services.

Do you want to be qualified and high value leads to your business? Ascent BPO is a reckoned and trusted lead generation company that makes interactive and effective marketing efforts to attract visitors and convert them into potential customers. They also provide short-term campaign or continuous lead generation services as per the client’s exact need. Connect with Ascent BPO for more details on offline and online lead generation.





What Are Call Center Projects And What Is Their Role In BPO Business?

Millions of companies around the world rely on call center operations to answer and sell customer calls. After the outbreak of COVID-19, call centers and contact centers became even more important, reducing personal interactions. During the pandemic, the number of customer calls increased. Call centers also offer many employment opportunities and will continue to do so.

This handy article describes what a Call Center Projects is, what are the key components of a call center, and some important tips about call centers. All professionals, customers, partners, colleagues, and more. Please contact us by phone. So everyone is familiar with the phone. Those who want to set up or operate their own call center. You can use the below-provided data to know more about customer service representatives, call center staff, call center team leaders, sales managers, and call center applicants learn what a call center is, how it works, and best practices

What is a call center?

A call center is a department or company that receives incoming calls. Question or support call and outgoing call. Research or Marketing Calls Call centers are a very popular way to serve customers, especially when developing interactive voice response systems (IVRs).

Call centers were originally designed to make calls to and from the center. As technology advances, more Call center Projects Provider and employees will have more opportunities to interact with the company. Now you can interact with all your customers, including email, social media, webchat, and more. These call centers have become known as call centers because they need to take into account all customer relationships.

What Kind Of Calls Are Made At The Contact Center?

There are two main types of calls or interactions that occur in contact centers.

Incoming Call Center Project: A call from a customer who has a problem or wants to ask a question. These calls should be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is a great opportunity to surprise them with their excellent customer service.

Outbound Call Center Project: Calls from call center agents for sales, pickup, customer surveys, or inquiries about incoming calls. Making a call can be very difficult and inconvenient, as you rarely receive a call.

In order for a company to feel safe and efficient when answering calls, it must believe that its customers are getting the best possible experience.

Key Elements Of Call Center Projects?

Call centers are an efficient and convenient way for businesses to solve problems and meet their needs. A Call Center Project is based on a conversation between the person who answered the call and a customer or caller on another line. Call center calls have three components that agents need to train.

Answering Machine: When an agent receives a call, he greets the customer and introduces himself.

Call Body: The purpose of Colebody is to listen carefully, understand the customer's problems, and deal with them appropriately.

Hang up: A thank-you message will be sent before you end the call. The agent then needs to complete the search and add a note to the customer's system.

Effective Call Center Projects Strategies For Better Results

People often complain that dealing with call centers is not a very enjoyable experience. I'm not surprised. With the advent of the digital age, customer demand has increased significantly, and call centers have to adapt.

Genuine Call Center project has a lot of satisfied and satisfied customers. Call center issues are generally process-related and individual issues are not common.

The call centers can significantly improve customer satisfaction and attract loyal customers by increasing productivity, improving employee work styles, and increasing customer interest.

Strategies For Improving Call Center Projects

The best way to improve your call center project is to know your target audience and how they can help you meet the basic needs of your business. If you are unfamiliar with your target audience, your contacts may not know the best way to solve your customer's problems.

1. Find What Your Customers Really Want:

In addition to excellent products and services, customers want quick problem resolution and quick, personalized, and simpler customer service. It contains everything that makes it easy for you to solve your current problem. Ideally, the customer wants a self-service option that can solve the problem.

According to famous Magazines, 45% of companies that offer web or mobile self-service are increasing website traffic and reducing calls.

2. Develop The Ideal Customer & Buyer Personality:

They can tell the strongest story, but it doesn't help much if you don't know your customers. Knowing your audience can help you develop your personality, interact with your buyers, and find out why your customers choose you over their competitors. What are the main types of customers you serve and what are you doing to make their lives easier?

Find out how your customers perceive your brand experience. Understand how they are actually using your product and use this information to shape your experience.

3. Learn Smarter With Artificial Intelligence:

Some Call center Projects Provider have quality assurance specialists to improve the quality of their call centers. This is a good business strategy, but it is not very efficient for many agents to manually perform quality assurance. Of course, climbing costs a lot of money. Use artificial intelligence to improve call center service quality.

By using AI to collect, store and link a variety of customer information, QA professionals can work more efficiently. Conversation analysis eliminates the need for QA experts to manually listen to calls and track more calls in less time.

4. Definition Of Call Center Standards For Service Operation:

Without clear and accurate call center standards, agents treat their customers as they see fit. Call Center Project has a set of guidelines that agents must follow when interacting with customers in the call center.

Setting effective criteria for call centers is very easy and can result in poor performance and look robotic or monotonous. Remember to improve the quality of interaction, the availability of information, the behavior, and the appearance. Consider a typical customer service scenario and the best way to solve it. Then share this information with your contacts to set company-wide standards.

5. Train Agents Using A Powerful Call Center Platform:

Without the right call center technology, agents can't build better customer relationships. If you are considering a dedicated call center platform for managing your call center, you have the right tools to empower your agents.

According to experts, 42% of customer service representatives are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, legacy user interfaces, and multiple applications.

Always trust professionals like Ascent BPO Services. You have created a platform that will make your life easier and provide all companies with the best and most flexible call center solutions.




BPO Projects Available At AscentBPO

Ascent BPO is the most distinguished and reliable BPO Outsourcing and Offshoring that provides multiple services for data entry, call center BPO, and many other services. We have especially designed our BPO process outsourcing services that are enough for removing the barriers of geography, language, and time zones. Since its inception, we have been working with different industry verticals to help them in their business by providing value-added services and applications.


Are you looking for BPO ProjectsIf yes then you are at the right places as we help businesses, companies, and startups in making money by offering them reliable projects for BPO. With the constant support of our professionals, we can provide both offline and online BPO outsourcing services in the market. We make sure that the service that we are providing is as per the exact requirements of our customers.


At Ascent BPO, we have varied BPO projects for startups that help a business to get success. With us, you can save a lot of time in finding efficient and genuine resources for different projects. You can search for different projects of your outsourcing needs from our provided categories. Just go through our categories of online and offline project option to choose yours.


Latest ongoing BPO projects that we offer includes 


Form filling process: We can provide you with bpo projects from direct clients of any volume. You can get web searches, scanned images, manuscripts, and other related items. We assure the best to our customers in terms of pricing.


Medical Billing: With this project, we help your healthcare business to accelerate to increase efficiency and revenue generation. When you outsource this medical billing project to Ascent BPO, we ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Also, there will no occurrences of any loss of data.


Mortgage Data Entry Project: If you want to know how to get bpo projects for data entry then all that you need to do is to connect with us. We provide this mortgage data entry project to vendors and other companies and make sure that they handle huge voluminous form filling work along with maintaining the quality. The entire detail of the project will be explained by our trained workforce


Online Data Entry services: we are having experience and domain expertise in offering customized Online Data Entry services to customers. Through these services, we aim to help our clients in gaining sustainable competitive benefits in the market. We have with us high-quality and affordable data entry solutions that can be availed online as well as offline as per the data entry requirements. If you are looking for these services of data outsourcing, then get connected without our enthusiastic data entry team.


Offline Data Entry: Many organizations have a huge amount of accumulated data. These data are mainly available in the forms of surveys, bills invoices, queries, etc. If you want to take care of the data processing and get domestic bpo projects with direct client then you must visit us. We provide data entry projects that ensure high pay and a huge benefit. Our data entry team specializes in providing customized offline data entry services that deliver outputs in different formats. The format that a customer desire to get include MS Excel or a customized database


Offline Medical Project: Under this project, we provide a high-quality service for medical offline form filling. It is done as per the formats of images and documents. The entire work of this project will be explained by our team of trainers to you. For initial days, you will be provided with online and offline training. Apart from this, you will also get extra software for quality checking purposes. We highly believe in offering outbound

and inbound bpo projects so interested customers must contact us.


With Ascent BPO, you will get BPO projects without any limitation or restriction. Right from locally to globally, we work effortlessly to provide projects to the small vendors and startups.

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Business Opportunity of Data Entry Projects

If you're trying to find any business opportunity for earning money without much risk, then you'll consider starting the work of data entry from home.
Are you getting to start a business but unable to require a decision due to a poor market situation? does one fear invest huge money due to risk involved? If any of your options are yes, then you want to consider such a business option where less investment is required with no risk. Ye,s here we are talking about the info entry work which you'll start even from your home.
You can start the work of data entry from home easily and therefore the better part is that you simply can take it as a business also. Unlike other business options where it's essential to take a position good money within the business, the case here is entirely different. The person can start earning from data entry work just with a computer and an online connection. Thus, it's not in the least required to take a position pile under this feature.
Now, if you're thinking to place great money and efforts for getting the info entry work, then you would like to vary your thinking. it's so because you would like to not invest any money for marketing as there are various freelancing websites available from where you'll get this add plenty. you only got to get the membership of some good websites and you'll get enough data entry work projects. Isn’t simple? Yes, it is!
After joining the web site, you're ready to figure as a freelancer. intrinsically websites offer numerous projects, you only got to place your best bid with the sample of your work. Once your bid is chosen, the project is going to be rewarded to you. Thus, getting a data entry work is additionally very simple.
So rather than choosing other business options that need huge money, choose data entry from home business. In this manner, you'll earn good money without much risk which is the need of the hour today.

Business Opportunity of Data Entry projects


Data Entry Projects

Ascent BPO is the famous supplier of Outsourcing Data Entry Services. We provide services like Data Entry projects, Data Entry  Processing, Data Conversion, Scanning, Indexing, Forms Processing, and Accounting. We are always updated with the upcoming changes in the Data Entry Field.
We offer different data entry services to different industries:           data entry projects
• Ecommerce
• Real Estate
• Restaurant
• Medical
• Legal
• Insurance
• Finance 
Our team is experienced and skilled, and we have successfully completed and delivered hundreds of projects. Our quality standards ensure the efficiency and reliability of data with accurate quality and support.

Home Based Data Entry Projects

One of the reputed company since 2013 Outsourcing Data Entry Projects.
Projects Available
•Medical Insurance Demographic Entries                                                                       
•Mortgage Demographic Entries
It is a Simple Form filling process
Payment security will be provided through (Any one of them) -
•Post dated Cheque
•Letter of credit
•Bank guarantee
Online/ Onsite Training will be provided.
Technical Support will be given throughout the work.
Extra Quality check software will be provided. So that you can check the quality from your side too.
Offline Data Entry process.
Complete transparency in Deal. 
Contact Us
Ascent BPO Services Pvt. Ltd.
D - 56, 2nd Floor, Sec-2, Noida, U.P.
Website :
(P)0120-4258054, +91-955-56-72004   

How To Get Data Entry Projects From Clients

Interested in earning money online but don’t know how! Let us help you out in this mission. So have you heard of data entry services, if not then you would be happy to know that it is the most trending job-profile nowadays that could fetch you a lot of money in a short duration of time? You just need to have a few basic skills like knowledge of computers, good typing skills, and accuracy.


Data entry job might sound simple but to get this work on your own is a herculean task as you need to get in contact with client companies who are outsourcing these processes. So, what is an alternate option to get these data entry projects direct from companies? You could approach some reputed companies and check out if they are in the hiring process but be careful while doing so and research well about the genuine outsourcing companies.


It is advisable to connect with only well-established companies if you are new to this job so that you get good guidance and good projects at the beginning of your career. Another benefit of working with a reputed outsourcing company like Ascent Bpo is that you could approach them anytime and there is a regular demand for work.


Ascent Bpo has a good network of clientele therefore, we are always in business. To get into a regular business we have sweat out days and night, worked tremendously hard to get better year by year, and consequently reached so far. We value hard-work, dedication, and talent either new or experienced as these are the only qualities that would take you forward in your career. So if you think you have these capabilities then reach out to us to get the direct data entry projects from clients and start your professional career with us.



So a question must be striking your mind that what is the need of getting work through a consulting company when there are possibilities that you could get these data entry projects by directly contacting the client-company! Right? Well, it is quite probable thought but let us clear a few facts regarding this notion. 

Firstly, client companies are looking for trusted and reputed outsourcing services that have a proven work record so they communicate with known companies as they could trust them for credibility. Secondly, time is valuable and professional companies could not afford to lose it anyhow so they need quick services within the specified deadline. Established companies would never run out of resources moreover they are concerned about their reputation in the market so they strictly abide by deadlines instructed by the client companies.


Finally, you need to have a strong marketing base to get more and more projects on a regular basis but to build this network you have to work for years and years, contrary to this, if you work with us then you could easily grab genuine data entry projects from big clients frequently. We provide one-time data entry services also we are in a long-term contract with many big companies. Fortunately, our work-plate is always loaded!



Well, this is a team effort that performs under good leadership. Our constant efforts have reaped the benefits for us in different ways. Client companies trust us for the following reasons:


  1. Good Management
  2. Flair For Accuracy
  3. On-Time Delivery Of Work
  4. Following Strict Deadlines
  5. Reasonable Operative Prices 
  6. Consideration For Any Volume Of Work
  7. 100% Customer Satisfaction

AscentBPO is not just a data entry service provider but a brand in itself. We provide outsourcing services to a pool of big and small companies from various backgrounds that are in constant need of data entry services whether textual or graphical.


We take up data entry projects from big multi-national companies as well as small corporate houses as each project is important for us. Therefore, here you would get to work on different types of data entry work and of course for different sectors like insurance, medical billing, educational institutions, and more.


If you have any doubts related to data entry projects then feel free to contact us and clear all your doubts as a promising career is waiting for you. Talk to us is you are interested to get data entry projects from companies we are available 24*7 so reach out to us now.


Genuine Data Entry Projects

If you are in search of a work that requires minimal educational qualification with a high returning payout then you are in the right place. Data entry job is one such option that requires a few of the qualifications like basic knowledge of computer system, internet connection, and good communication skills. Here, you will get to know about the genuine data entry projects provider, and in their guidance; you could shoot up your career to greater heights.


Ascent BPO is an established company that is based in Noida and we work as an outsourcing company that provides non-core services like data entry, data processing, data extraction, and many more services. To accomplish these tasks we keep hiring potential candidates who really want to make a career in this field of data entry services. If you are a hard-working candidate who is looking for genuine data entry companies in India then our doors are open for you!


If you are an experienced candidate then we expect basic knowledge from you and you get payout accordingly but if you are a fresher then our company shall guide you throughout. Though a data entry job is not much technical the employee gets to work with some software and tools and for that necessary training is required that you shall be provided at the beginning.


If you are still not clear about the data entry jobs that how the one actually gets projects and how you get paid for it then do not stress out, talk to us and we shall simplify the procedure for you. Once you start working with us, our team shall co-ordinate with you thereafter and shall discuss the whole procedure. You have to follow the steps as instructed, if it is an online data entry project then you need to have a good internet connection otherwise offline data entry projects are carried out with the help of software and tools.


Our team shall connect with you over emails or any chat medium and therefore, forward you all the details related to the data entry project. Now coming on to the data entry, well, it could be textual or graphical depending upon the project.


We provide outsourcing services to different sectors so that is why projects may vary from time to time. Various companies that belong to the IT sector, legal firms, healthcare sector, insurance companies, educational organizations, and others outsource their non-core processes to us that include data entry projects too.


Now you must be wondering that why an established company would outsource a few of their processes to other companies! The answer is data entry job is tedious yet decisive for any company and for this reason they hire outsourcing companies for data entry projects.


These companies have a large volume of data in their day to day process and they need it in an organized manner or different format so that it is easily accessible, therefore, they hire outsourcing services that further hire temporary as well a permanent set of employees to carry out the required task. These employees and skilled enough to carry out the task and finish it within the given deadline. So if you in search of genuine data entry projects without investment then connect with us and start earning.


Just work for a few hours from your home and start making money online. Join our team and boost your career in the field of data entry. Here, you will get to work on genuine data entry projects in India with huge payouts in return. Ascent Bpo has shaped the career of many newcomers in this field and you could be the next!



Direct Data Entry Projects With Company

You must have come across the term data entry while searching for options to earn money online. Yes, you could earn money through direct data entry projects with company.


 Now, you must be wondering that why there is a constant need of data entry employees so the answer is many big organizations, public or private firms, and educational institutions get loaded with a heap of documents day by day and after a certain point of time, it becomes difficult to handle it due to lack of man-power or shortage of space. So they look for alternate options to store this data into another format that is a digital format in an organized manner and for this they might need to hire new employees, new infrastructure that would affect the company budget so what do they do?


Outsource the process! Yes, there are many companies that act as their outsourcing partners for specified business processes therefore, helping them to reduce their work burden. India is the hub of talents moreover domestic as well as multinational companies, prefer to hire the outsourcing companies of the country that offer services for genuine data entry projects because at a low operative cost they get professional services easily.


Talking of the digitalization of the data, most of the organizations still use paper documents as an important part of their business deals also many educational institutions, survey organizations, insurance companies, legal firms, e-commerce industry and many more sectors depend upon paper while collecting and maintaining their data records.


But handling and processing these records from time to time might cause discomfort moreover they might get exposed to physical harm like a termite attack, water leakage, fire, and others. So to avoid such unpleasant incidents, companies want to manage the huge storage space occupied by their random and unorganized data and convert it into electronic format. For this purpose, they look out for outsourcing companies who have skilled staff to handle such direct data entry projects with company.



What type of data is converted?

Well, data could be of any form textual, image, or statistical information that needs to be processed. Textual data includes business documents, project reports, books, manuscripts whereas image data includes all forms of images that are used for business purposes to gather information.


What format it is converted into?

The choice depends upon the client-company as there are many options available like PDF format, XML, Excel, and others. Client-company decides in what form they want to access their data.


What is the need for digitalizing/organizing the data?

Data processing help companies in enhancing their digital library and by doing so companies get easy access to the relevant set of information related to their business at any time and from any location. With the help of web tools, you could locate the required piece of information from the pool of electronic databases instantly whereas physical paper records would make the search tiresome by wasting time on the manual search.

This data stored in an organized form could be used n number of times in the future for reference or could be further distributed to the respective departments of the organization. In addition to this, this also makes data secure and durable as only authorized users could access it with a digital key.


What is the role of a data entry employee?

 You could contact outsourcing companies regarding direct data entry projects with the company and get yourself registered with them. They will hire you for the data entry projects based on your past experience and skills. You have to complete the projects within the required deadline and get paid for the work.


Ascent Bpo is providing its services to many domestic and international companies for a long period. We have evolved over a decade and acquired a rich experience in the field of data entry services. So if you are interested to get some good data entry projects then contact our team of experts and start earning.


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